Demand Responsive Transport

Rekab’s multimodal DRT platform (scheduled and on demand), helps cities and transportation agencies to set up a new demand response platform small and big cities.

Walk and Embark

Our unique planning engine, adds a small walking distance to each trip which results in a tremendous increase in fleet utilization and decreases costs for the city and transportation agencies.
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Multimodal Trip Planner

Using Rekab platform, citizens can mix different modes of public transportation and DRT in one platform. there is no need to do planning for public transport in one app(Like Google) and the DRT part on another app. Rekab integrates all modes into one single easy to use platform.

Passenger Experience

  • Multimodal Trip Planner
  • Scheduled and On Demand Planning
  • Live Location of the Driver
  • Different Payment Modes

Admin Panel

Admin is in control of the whole platform. She can change the fleet capacity, add or remove new areas, change fleet utility function and define different reports.


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