MaaS v2.0


Public Transport, Carpooling, on Demand Services and Paratransit are all Integrated into a personalized MaaS Platform.

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Our Solutions

Maas v2.0

All mobility needs of citizens, including Carpooling and On demand services, are covered in the MaaS 2.0 platform

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Multimodal Carpooling

Multimodal Carpooling platform, enables neighbors and coworkers, commute together to/from work

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Demand Response

On demand transportation, is the new trend in public transport world.

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Rekab’s paratransit platform covers everything from booking to planning and dispatch. it comes with driver and passenger apps

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Rekab’s TaxiBus platform handles booking, planning, dispatch and also it comes with a driver app

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Trip Planner Simulator

Rekab’s simulator, helps city officials to make better informed decisions regarding public transport network

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Branded City App

We believe that for solving local mobility problems, you need to have a local solution. Universal apps that offer one solution for all cities, are not the answer.You need to have a personalized experience for each city.

Planning and Dispatch Engine

Our proprietary dispatch and planning engine, provides best matches for riders and drivers in order to reduce total distance traveled by cars and wait time for passengers.

Monitor Your Fleet

As a city or transportation agency, you always need to know the exact location of the driver. There is no need for additional hardware and you will have access to historical data as well, like the location of a specific driver 6 month ago!

The World’d Local Mobility Platform