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REKAB integrates different mobility modes in one platform and encourages active transportation.


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Multimodal Carpooling is part of the REKAB #MaaS platform. it supports both scheduled and real-time carpooling. For the driver, there is no need for a separate app and both riders and drivers, use the same app.

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Carpooling trip details and book

If you want to use our Carpooling platform as a separate app, we would be happy to help. REKAB Carpooling offers unique features like same App for passengers and drivers, multi-modal search, detour function and … . Click below to learn more

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We work with different transportation agencies to integrate their ticketing system into the REKAB platform. If you are a mobility company and wants to benefit from The REKAB network, just drop us a line and we will contact you for the next step.

Ticketing is a essential part of a MaaS platform. We handle all steps user journey, from issuing proper tickets to billing and accounting. Contact us to learn how we can help your transportation agency to benefit from REKAB technology.

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Web Application

If your citizens prefer using web instead of a mobile App, we have the answer

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